Clifford Estates

Clifford Estates is a large gated community consisting of apartments, villas and houses. The estates cover an area of more than 500 hectares with about 55,000 homes and a population of about 160,000 representing people from 70 countries and regions.


In 2014, Clifford Estates started a major transformation that will see the building of a large shopping, recreation and entertainment area, many new apartments, new roads as well as new access to the underground transport network. There is a lot of construction going on in that area for now, but it will certainly be worth it when it is complete in the next few years.


There are eight internal bus routes covering every part of the Estate. The Estate is very green and well landscaped. The teacher’s apartments are well away from the new developments at the far end of the Estate. Many of the apartments overlook a large green space called Dafu Mountain.


On the Estate, there are many recreation and shopping areas. You can swim, gym, bike, walk, jog or just have fun in the parks and gardens. Clifford teachers have free access to the swimming and fitness complex right across from the apartments. There are also other resort complexes on the Estate with pools and recreational areas.


There is also a large hospital on site. It is a private hospital run by the Clifford Group. People come from all over to have access to the excellent medical staff and facilities at the hospital. They have a translation service and the school’s health insurance has direct billing arranged with the hospital.


Overall, it is a very pleasant environment to live and work. There is no need to ever leave the Estate, but, if you wish to, there are direct buses to and from the Estate to Guangzhou (about 30 minutes) and other parts of Southern China, including Hong Kong, Zhuhai, Macau, and the Guangzhou International Airport (about 70 minutes away).

Typical Teacher Accommodation in Clifford Estates