Ms. Ivy Guo


I am a native Cantonese. I graduated from University of International Business and Economics with a Bachelor degree. This is my 19th year working in Clifford School as an Assistant Teacher. Look forward to another challenging year working with the lovely students.




Ms. Queenie Chen


I am Queenie Chen from Guangzhou, China. I have a master degree in Finance Investment from Hong Kong Polytechnic University and a bachelor degree in Business Administration from Renmin University of China. I have worked in Clifford Secondary School since 2019. Now I am starting my third year here as an assistant teacher. I hope I can help more students. 



Ms. Grace Huang


My name is Grace. I had my bachelor degree from Guangdong Ocean University in 2007 as English major. I was qualified for the certification of Test for English Majors-Band 8 .I have been teaching in Clifford school for 6 years. 


Ms. Cathy Qiu


Hello, my name is Cathy. I am from the Guangdong Province. I Graduated from South China Normal University with master degree. I have been a middle school teacher for more than five years. I have been an Assistant Teacher at Clifford since 2020.


Action is the proper fruit of knowledge. 




Ms. Alice Zhou


Hello, my name is Alice. I am from Henan Province. I Graduated from Zhengzhou University with a bachelor degree. More than six years as a middle school teacher. I have been an Assistant Teacher for Clifford since 2020.


To be a child’s teacher, be a child’s friend first. 




Ms. Karmen Zeng


I’m Karmen and come from Guangzhou. I earned my bachelor degree as an English major in Guangzhou University. I started at Clifford in 2016 and have been here for 5 years. And now I am the teaching assistant of the associate principal in English section.


Glad to be with the students and teachers here! 




Mr. Wilson Chen


I’m Chen Hui (Wilson), comes from Guangzhou. I graduated from the University of Winnipeg with bachelor degree of  business administration. This is my first year working in Clifford as a Teaching Assistant.


I hope that I could help more students to improve their English skills.