Ms. Ivy Guo


I am a native Cantonese. I graduated from University of International Business and Economics with a Bachelor degree. This is my 19th year working in Clifford School as an Assistant Teacher. Look forward to another challenging year working with the lovely students.




Ms. Queenie Chen


I am Queenie Chen from Guangzhou, China. I have a master degree in Finance Investment from Hong Kong Polytechnic University and a bachelor degree in Business Administration from Renmin University of China. I have worked in Clifford Secondary School since 2019. Now I am starting my third year here as an assistant teacher. I hope I can help more students. 



Ms. Grace Huang


My name is Grace. I had my bachelor degree from Guangdong Ocean University in 2007 as English major. I was qualified for the certification of Test for English Majors-Band 8 .I have been teaching in Clifford school for 6 years. 


Ms. Catherine Huang


Hi, I am Catherine. I have been teaching for three years. I joined Clifford School in 2019.




Ms. Cathy Qiu


Hello, my name is Cathy. I am from the Guangdong Province. I Graduated from South China Normal University with master degree. I have been a middle school teacher for more than five years. I have been an Assistant Teacher at Clifford since 2020.


Action is the proper fruit of knowledge. 



Ms. Flora Luo


I come from a town north of Guangdong Province. I received my Bachelors degree in Legal English from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, and I obtained my Masters diploma in English Language Education from University of Reading.

This is my second year working in Clifford Secondary School as an Assistant Teacher.


My life will certainly be shining brightly along with the lovely students around.




Ms. Alice Zhou


Hello, my name is Alice. I am from Henan Province. I Graduated from Zhengzhou University with a bachelor degree. More than six years as a middle school teacher. I have been an Assistant Teacher for Clifford since 2020.


To be a child’s teacher, be a child’s friend first. 




Ms. Karmen Zeng


I’m Karmen and come from Guangzhou. I earned my bachelor degree as an English major in Guangzhou University. I started at Clifford in 2016 and have been here for 5 years. And now I am the teaching assistant of the associate principal in English section.


Glad to be with the students and teachers here! 




Mr. Wilson Chen


I’m Chen Hui (Wilson), comes from Guangzhou. I graduated from the University of Winnipeg with bachelor degree of  business administration. This is my first year working in Clifford as a Teaching Assistant.


I hope that I could help more students to improve their English skills.