Here is a snapshot of activities that students have been doing in Ms. Stolk's grade 8.1 English class. When the grade 8 students were first introduced to the topic of "Space", they began talking about astronauts. The students discussed the importance of communication and teamwork that all astronauts must use to ensure safety and success. For the class activity, to reinforce teamwork, the students were put into teams of 4, given 6 cups, 1 elastic band and 4 strings. Teams were shown a picture of a formation of cups, and they had to put the cups into the formation using the items provided. They had to figure out a way to do it themselves. Once that was complete, they were given 3 more pictures with each one being more difficult. They also had to do one task without talking, and one task with their hands behind their backs. Once the challenge was complete, the students talked about what worked well and what didn't work so well. Teamwork and communication were key to successfully complete the challenge together.

In Mrs. Maldonado’s grade 7.2 classes, students wrote and performed a drama which had to include at least 5 target words that were taught that week. The students did a great job and really enjoyed performing for their classmates and teacher.

In Mr. Harrison’s and Mr. Anderson’s 7.5 classes, the teachers used popular songs in English that contained the target vocabulary that students were being taught that week. This was a great activity that the students really enjoyed and fully participated in. You can see the enthusiasm and delight on the faces of the students in the photographs.

Grade 9 students in Mr. Lum’s English class focused on describing a cartoon drawing that other students had to guess. Again, by selecting topics that students can relate to and enjoy they seem to participate fully and of course develop their English language proficiency without actually realizing the hard work that they are putting in.