Dear Parents and students,

Here at Secondary English Language Program, we are delighted to share our grade 7 & 8 nominations for October’s Student of the Month with you. During October, our teachers looked for students who showed great motivation in their English language lessons. Many congratulations to those that have shone bright this month and continue to keep up the wonderful work that you are all doing. Even though you may not have been chosen this time around, remember that you will have another opportunity in November, so do your best always and your efforts will be happily rewarded.

Jade 7.1

At the very beginning of our school year, Jade approached me and ask about starting up a student led club. She is very studious, hard-working and volunteered to do her self-intro for the parent-teacher conference. Well done, Jade! 

Kenn 7.2

Kenn is very motivated. He is one out of only three students to finish two book reports while most students have only finished one. He is the first to answer questions in class when everyone else is reluctant. This shows that Kenn is active, motivated and engaged in his English language class. Good job Kenn! 

Jackson 7.3

Jackson is highly motivated and focused. He is creative and has been writing excellent vocabulary stories. He is respectful and works well with his classmates. 

Isabella 7.4

Congratulations, Isabella, on being awarded the Student of the Month! Your exceptional motivation, responsibility, and quiet confidence have truly set you apart. Your academic pursuit is evident in your consistent effort and dedication which inspires those around you. We are proud to celebrate your achievements and the positive impact you have on our school community. Well done! 

Amanda 7.5A

Amanda has done very well to stay focused and motivated in class. When we have vocabulary dictations, she works so hard to get better scores and she has improved a lot in her spelling skills in the past month. Her motivation has been key to doing much better in learning and doing well on tests. Good job. 

Kiki 7.5A

Kiki has shown herself to be very conscientious in class, working hard to finish assignments and learn new vocabulary. She also has shown great personal motivation to improve and to learn. She has clearly shown this by good participation in class and by making extra effort in her written work. 


For his motivation and hard work I choose Jesse as the student of the month.  He diligently completed all of his assignments and achieved excellent grades. He always tries his best in all work given in class. Well done Jessie. 

Susan 8.1C

Susan is an enthusiastic and motivated student who is always excited to learn. She is often practicing her spelling and writing down definitions after she completes her work. I am honored and very happy to nominate her as Student of the Month. Congratulations!

Amy G 8.2C

Amy G is clearly a motivated student and demonstrates this in her work and attitude. She is always on time and diligent in her work. Her work shows care because it is always done neatly and to the best of her ability. Although she may be a quiet student it is very obvious that she always pays careful attention. Amy is a very conscientious student, she helps her peers and I appreciate having her in class. 

Blue 8.3C

Blue over the past few months has shown tremendous improvement in language skills ability. She displays characteristics of motivation, hard work, and improved self-confidence which clearly shows in her improved tests scores. Keep up this positive motivation and success will be yours.  Excellent job!