Student of the Month September

The new school year of 2023-24 at Clifford Secondary Bilingual English Program is well and truly under way. This year, it is our goal to motivate, reward, and recognize students for their hard work, citizenship, organization, and preparedness. Each month, English homeroom teachers, all through grade 7 and grade 8, will nominate one candidate for Student of the Month. We are glad to share with you all the first nominees and give a brief description of why their teacher chose them.

Ruby 7.1

In addition to performing well on tests, Ruby in class 7.1, works hard during lessons and listens attentively. When she answers questions or reads aloud, she confidently and clearly speaks so everyone can hear her.

Sherry 7.2

In Mrs. Maldonado’s 7.2 class, student Sherry worked hard and stayed focused when writing her vocabulary stories. She was proactive and took initiative to ask me to check her writing. She quickly corrected all her mistakes and is eager to improve her English skills.

Tiger 7.3

Mr. Kaynak, our 7.3 teacher, selected Tiger as he always tries his best and finishes his work on time. He asks questions when he doesn’t understand something, or confirms if he understood something correctly.

Kevin.Z 7.4

In Mr. Walker’s 7.4 class, Kevin Z is nominated due to his remarkable academic performance, punctuality, and motivation. Additionally, his willingness to help others, actively participate, and deep respect for his peers contributes to a positive learning environment.

Hanrios 7.5

Mr. Harrison has chosen Hanrios in 7.5 class, as a result of his excellent participation in lessons and high achievement in the tests given so far. Hanrios is also a very self-motivated student and has truly earned Student of the Month nomination.

Estrella 7.5

7.5 teacher, Mr. Anderson, awarded student of the Month to Estrella because she helped her teacher prepare his classroom and participated enthusiastically and motivated others while doing group activities.


Henry Z 8.1

Ms. Stolk’s 8.1class nominated Henry Z because he volunteered over the weekend to help others. He is a kind and respectful student, asks questions and pays attention to his work. He is polite, punctual and a pleasure to have in class

Elsa 8.2

Mr. May 8.2 class, chose Elsa because she is a diligent, focused and engaged student. She is always punctual and prepared for each lesson.


David 8.3

In 8.3 class, Mr. Hargovan nominated David because he displays magnificent characteristics of a future leader. His demonstration of respect towards other students and teachers reveals great values. He is courteous, attentive, friendly and participates in all his lessons.