October Events

Hello dear students and parents. It has been such a busy month in our program and I am so happy and excited to share many of the important and interesting things that have happened this month in our English language lessons and throughout our department in general.

On Monday, October 23rd, we had our grade 7 Parent Orientation. Thank you to all parents who were able to attend and to those who were unable to attend we gave a translated transcript of the meeting topics for your child to bring home on Friday, 27th of October. Please remind your child to give you this document.

All students in grade 7 and 8 are striving to become better, engaged, and proficient readers. Every student will choose a levelled reading book from our library and be given 40 minutes reading time in class with their foreign English teacher. As well as printed books, our teachers also utilize technology and websites like razkids.com and epic.com for students to explore novels and stories. Students will make notes about what they read, answer guided questions set by their teacher, and write a book report which they will share with their classmates during speaking practice lessons. It is a primary goal of our Secondary English Language Program to promote the great language learning and knowledge benefits that reading every day brings. BE A READER TODAY AND A LEADER TOMORROW!

In Mr.Lum’s grade 7.1 lessons, students were doing PPT presentations. Their topic is: All About Me. What a fantastic job the students did in their PPT design, speech, and use of body language. Presentation skills are a very important element in our English program because it is something that students will have to do throughout their time at our school, in university, and even in to their professional careers.

In Mr.Walker’s grade 9.3 class, students had to design a poster that illustrated a process of how something is produced. Congratulations to our students Dolly and Emma, who received the most 1st votes from all our teachers, for their remarkable poster that clearly shows the processes required for making bread. Mr.Walker kindly treated the girls to a lovely cup of bubble milk tea as a reward for creating an interesting piece of work; I hope Dolly and Emma ate a nice piece of bread with their tea.

On Friday, October 20th, students from grade 8 participated in an English language song competition. Each Chinese homeroom had to perform one popular English song to a very large audience of people. It was wonderful to see our students take part in this event and it made everyone so happy to watch, listen, and enjoy the performances. I really look forward to the next show and special thanks and congratulations to all teachers and teaching assistants for organizing this event. Here are a few snapshots of the students on stage singing, dancing, and receiving their awards—WELL DONE!