Dear parents and students, hello and greetings!

Hello dear parents, students, and teachers!

We are happy in Secondary English Language Program to share our latest Student of the Month nominations with you. During April we had Open House and our students put in a lot of effort preparing their drama performances that they showcased to visiting parents. Groups in each English language class had to write and perform an original play based on their class topic. For Grade 7 the topic was Natural Disasters and Grade 8 focused on Famous Inventors and Inventions. Well done to everyone that got their teacher’s recommendation this month. Teachers selected someone who showed great teamwork and leadership guiding their classmates. Well done to all the nominees and everyone that worked very hard for their performances!

7.1 Mr. Steve Lum


Bella works well with others which led to an outstanding drama performance for her and her group. She completes all assignments on time, and is a punctual and positive student. She is a high-achiever and great leader in class. Well done Bella and keep up the excellent work!

7.2 Mrs. Alicia Maldonado


  Hayley takes the lead in many ways, such as answering questions in class, completing many book reports, and getting her work done quickly. She stays focused in class and also keeps everyone on task when in groups. I am grateful for her hard work and diligence. Good job Hayley!

7.3 Mr. Adam Kaynak


Derek has greatly improved his class performance. He always completes the given tasks and asks questions to make sure he understands. He led his drama group in writing and performing a very good play for Open House.

7.4 Mr. Jeff Walker


Congratulations to Jason for being selected as Student of the Month! Jason has shown remarkable progress in his English class, constantly improving his skills and gaining confidence to actively participate in class discussions. His recent standout moment was bravely taking on a role in the drama performance during Open House, showcasing his newfound courage and talent. Well done, Jason!

7.5 Mr. Ted Anderson


 I nominate Herman for his outstanding teamwork and leadership.  During our drama practices Herman was always on task, writing and improving the script, sharing ideas, and working hard so that his whole team would be successful.  He showed patience, diligence, and leadership throughout the entire process.  He made full use of his time and kept his team working together and it all resulted in a thoroughly entertaining drama. Congratulations Herman!

7.5 Michael Harrison


 The student of the month is Lily. During the preparation of the drama for Open House, Lily showed strong leadership skills and helped the team to work as a group. This is a great quality that will help through her education and into adult life.

7.5 Joanna Zhou


My student of the month is Terrence. He is a shy and quiet boy in my class. In the past six months, he has improved greatly. He surprised everyone with his drama performance of Natural Disasters. He has shown confidence and interest in English learning. Please keep working hard, Terrence! Don’t give up! You’ve got lots of potential.

8.1  Yvette Stolk


Eric is an absolute delight to have in class. His positive and happy attitude is noticed by everyone in the classroom.  Eric is always smiling, and has friends around him all the time. He worked great as a team member for the Open House and his acting skills on stage made everyone laugh. Thank you Eric and well done!

8.2  David May


Kelly has been a pleasure to have in class.  She aced her last two vocabulary tests with 100 percent. She takes her studies seriously and cooperates well with her classmates. She also showed leadership in her group for the term 2 inventions project in which her group did very well.

8.2  Tashiel Hargovan


Heidi displayed excellent leadership skills during a group project presentation. She was motivated, stayed focused and was open to suggestions. She assisted the team to adjust, stay on task and make improvements to the completion of the project--a strong effort from a team leader.