Dear parents and students, hello and greetings!

Here in Secondary English Language Program, it is again with great pleasure that we share our students of the month with you. We are fast approaching the end of another busy school year and the hard work and effort from our teachers and students has been wonderful. Persistence and consistence to study and improve are the qualities our teachers looked for in our students when choosing their nominee this time. Well done everyone for your dedication and focus throughout the year and congratulations to our nominees for shining brightly over the past few months and throughout this academic year. Well done!

7.1 Mr. Steve Lum


From term 1 to terms 2 and 3, Hyman has shown great improvement, not only in his test performance, but also in his willingness to speak out in class and perform his best on class assignments. It is great to see how he has grown as a person and a student over the year. He is a testament to show how dedication and persistence in study can pay off. Good job Hyman! 

7.2 Mrs. Alicia Maldonado


Desmond has excelled this term. He pays attention in class, follows the instructions carefully, and does a great job on his work. He takes English class seriously and does his best. As part of 7.2 class reading, he has finished 15 story books and completed all his book reports. I am very proud of you, Desmond! Keep working hard!


7.3 Mr. Adam Kaynak


Laura has greatly improved her English skills. She has been working hard since the beginning of grade 7, and the effects of this can be clearly seen in all her exams results from beginning to end. Keep up the great work and effort. Well done, Laura! 


7.4 Mr. Jeff Walker


Gardenia, you have grown so much in confidence since the start of the year. It's wonderful to see you speak in front of the class with such ease and share your ideas. Your hard work and determination are truly paying off. Keep up the great work and keep shining! 

7.5 Mr. Ted Anderson


Win has shown how much they add to the overall atmosphere and sense of community in the classroom through their good nature, participation, perseverance and hard work.  Beyond this, Win has been preforming well on all assignments and is showing signs of great improvement.  Congratulations Win and well done! 



7.5 Michael Harrison


 In the month of May I was looking for a student who has both excelled in grade performance, and also improved the most over this past academic year. Kupibala has achieved both with determination and hard work throughout her time in class. Well done and keep up the hard work. 


7.5 Joanna Zhou


Seven is a smart boy and he is very active in all kinds of vocabulary practicing games. This month, he has worked really hard to fully achieve his potential. He scored 100 every time for spelling tests. Please keep up the hard work! 

8.1  Yvette Stolk


I nominate Amy because she consistently puts in a lot of dedication and focus on her studies. She has a great work ethic, and is committed to her goals. She works hard in everything she does, especially her vocabulary. Amy is self-disciplined and I never have to remind her to do her work. Well done and keep up the great work ethic! 

8.2  David May


Christy is my choice for student of the month. Christy came up from 8.3 and has proven to be one of the most positive and prepared students to have come up a level. She has performed consistently well across all areas or her work. Your hard work is very much appreciated and respected by your teacher. 

8.2  Tashiel Hargovan


Eric P has been an active student throughout the year. He actively participates in every lesson while also showing respect to his teacher and fellow classmates. He follows instruction and responds in complete sentences which show his comprehension of the language. Keep up the good work.