Dear parents and students, hello and greetings!

Hello dear parents, students, and teachers!

It is our pleasure to again share student of the month awards with you. During the month of December, each foreign English teacher selected a student who showed themselves to be focused on learning English and taking a leadership role in the class. Well done to all our nominees and keep up the good work!

7.1 Mr. Steve Lum


Martina 7.1A is a hard-working student who gives her best in every class. She arrives early, volunteers to answer questions, and shows great leadership in group activities and projects. Keep up the good work Martina!

7.2B Mrs. Alicia Maldonado


Max leads the class when it comes to answering questions. When others are feeling shy, he will raise his hand. I asked the class, “What is one thing you learned right now?” Max was the first person to raise his hand to give his answer. He is not afraid to ask questions when he doesn’t understand something. Thank you, Max and keep up the positive work! 

7.3A Mr. Adam Kaynak


Hugo is the student of the month for December. He is always on task with his assignments and he also makes sure his group stays on task during group work which shows that he cherishes his learning opportunities and leads his group to do the best they can.  

7.4A Mr. Jeff Walker


Howard has been awarded student of the month for showcasing exceptional leadership skills and a strong dedication to learning. From day one he has always tried his hardest in everything he does and it is paying off for him. His ability to take charge and inspire others, with his resilient pursuit of knowledge, makes him a deserving student of the month.  

7.5B Mr. Ted Anderson


In my class, the student for the month of December is Momo.  He has shown dedication to his learning and a willingness to stay focused and on task.  His grades are also positively reflecting his dedication and I am sure he will continue his hard work and improvement.

7.5B Michael Harrison

 Angel has consistently worked hard to improve her language skills and increase her vocabulary. At the same time, she has a strong desire to be able to use her new knowledge in classroom activities. Angel shows leadership, motivation, and leads by example within the classroom environment to encourage others to work hard; it can be clearly seen in group classroom activities.

7.5A Joanna Zhou


Allen is one of the top students in my class. He shows respect for teachers and peers. He is a smart and inquisitive student who loves to learn new things. He is also kind to everyone and loves to help his classmates who need extra support. Whenever he is given any assignment or project, he puts a lot of effort on it and always completes it first. He sets a great example of excellence in behavior and cooperation. 

8.1 B Yvette Stolk


Annie is an ambitious student who is focused on learning.  She is confident in showing leadership in the classroom. She takes the initiative to try and create a quiet learning environment. She approaches her English studies with an energetic, enthusiastic and positive personality that can easily motivate the other students in the classroom. 

8.2 B David May


I nominate Jerry for student of the month because Jerry is a fun student to have in class. He always comes to class with a smile and a positive attitude. He likes to joke around but still gets his work done. When the class is slightly out of order and the teacher needs support, he usually helps alert his classmates and settle things down. He may not be the top student but he's a good student. 

8.2 C Tashiel Hargovan


Paul has demonstrated great improvement over the semester. He seems to be inspired and motivated on improvement while displaying self-confidence in class participation, peer activities and taking the lead on solo performances. These are signs of a great leader in the making. Good Job Paul.