Dear parents and students, hello and greetings!

November has been another very busy month for both teachers and students alike. We have now finished Term 1 and completed all our grading, and reports have been sent home with all students, so please remind your child to give you their report. There have been a lot of assessments and exams this month, both in our Chinese section and our English Language program. Even though the work load and testing were quite heavy, there were still students who excelled on their vocabulary mastery in our English Language program. It gives us great pleasure to share the achievement of these students with you.‍

7.1 Mr. Steve Lum


Ethan in my English lessons is very active in class, answers many or all questions, best performance on vocabulary assessments, and a definite leader in the class. Well done, Ethan, and keep up the great work. 

7.2B Mrs. Alicia Maldonado


Kiki works very hard studying her vocabulary. She consistently does her best to learn the words. This past test was a tri-unit test covering 45 words. It was a very challenging test for the students, yet she scored 100%. Great job Kiki! I'm so proud of you! Keep working hard!

7.3B Mr. Adam Kaynak


I chose Coco to be the student of the month for November. Coco has aced 3/4 of her vocabulary exams and she is doing very well overall. When I asked Coco what she does to get high vocabulary grades, she said: “I do extra practice for the words on my own time and use the school website.” This highlights the importance of practicing on your own time the words that you learn in class. 

7.4A Mr. Jeff Walker


We are thrilled to recognize Yoyo as our Student of the Month for her outstanding dedication and achievement in mastering our vocabulary words. Yoyo consistently demonstrates exceptional progress in expanding her vocabulary and shows a strong commitment to learning. Her hard work, focus, and determination serve as an inspiration to her peers. Congratulations, Yoyo, on this well-deserved recognition! 

7.5B Mr. Ted Anderson


 Sunny consistently achieves the highest scores in the vocabulary exams. During the vocabulary practices she diligently strives to remember, understand and use all the words correctly. 

7.5B Michael Harrison


Cathy put great effort into learning the essential vocabulary during November and because of her effort, she was able to greatly increase her spelling and vocabulary test score.  She did not get the highest score, but she did work hard and it showed in her English class work. Her “improvement” over the 4 weeks was one of the biggest. That is why I chose her for student of the month. Well done Cathy. Keep it up 

7.5A Joanna Zhou


Curry is a hard working boy. He is very shy in the class but he follows directions and has been improving a lot this month. He did an amazing job for his presentation when he talked about his favorite basketball player. Also, Curry’s vocabulary scores have been getting better throughout this term. You scored a slam dunk this time, Curry. Keep trying and never give up!! 

8.1 A Yvette Stolk


Maggie finished the term with her first 100% on her vocabulary test. She increased her score by 26 points and 22 points. Maggie checks her written sentences with the teacher to ensure she understands how to use the vocabulary word in context and that her grammar and spelling are correct. 

8.2A David May


Ivy is my choice for student of the month. Ivy is a very disciplined and quietly diligent girl who has consistently done well across all of her work. She is always on time, well prepared and organized in class.  She has also shown creativity and excellence in her writing assignments and in her vocabulary use. 

8.2 Tashiel Hargovan


During the term Dora has maintained an above 80 percent average for all vocabulary tests. She actively participates in all lessons while demonstrating an understanding of the target language. She adapts to various methods and techniques while also motivating and assisting fellow classmates. “Keep up the excellent work Dora and success will be yours.”